12V power supply for DSPs

11 September 2004: Bare PCBs sold-out, completed supplies in stock.
8 September 2004: Added link to installation instructions

What is it?

This is a power supply that allows you to easily convert various pro and home audio processors to use a 12V power source for use in mobile applications. It converts the 9-18V power from a car or similar source into the varying regulated voltages needed by these processors to power the digital and analog circuitry.

How about some specs?



What can I use this for?

You can use this to efficiently power DSP-based audio processors from typical automotive voltages. It is suited to these models in particular:

Other models will be investigated for suitability in the future and documentation for converting those models will be made available.

It is also suitable for use in custom projects and may be useful for converting other processors on a case-by-case basis.

How much does it cost and where can I get it?

A schematic to build your own will be posted soon. However, I will not be posting the design for the PCB for free. I am selling the PCB artwork, a finished PCB, and the assembled and tested power supply. I also convert processors, and I may sell finished processors in the future. I am not selling a kit of parts at this time.

Current Pricing

Schematic, bill-of-materials and assembly instructionsFree
PCB Artwork, schematic, bill-of-materials and assembly instructionsUS $10.00
Finished PCB, schematic, bill-of-materials and assembly instructions(Out of stock)
Power supply kit with PCB, all parts and instructions(Out of stock)
Completed power supply with installation instructionsUS $85.00 plus S&H
Complete conversion (includes power supply and labor)US $100.00 plus return S&H
Converted DEQ2496 (includes power supply, labor, and processor)US $450.00 plus S&H
Converted DCX2496 (includes power supply, labor, and processor)US $500.00 plus S&H
MAX743 chip (hard to find part)US $10.00 w/other order

For shipping in the US, I use UPS, otherwise I ship via the US Postal Service. Turnaround time for conversions is typically under 5 days but a better estimate will be given at the time of your order. The PCB artwork will be supplied as either Gerber and NC Drill or GIF files. If you purchase the artwork you can create an unlimited number of boards for personal use, but you may not produce more than one for sale. Contact me if you wish to make special arrangements.

Current availability: 5 boards ready to ship, 9 partly assembled.

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There is a 90 day repair/replacement/refund (my option) warranty on the PCB itself and the assembled supply (only if you purchase a pre-assembled supply). Please inspect your PCB against the artwork before soldering.

I accept credit card payment via PayPal, as well as money orders and personal checks (must clear before shipping).

What does it look like?

Some preliminary photos of a partially-assembled pre-production unit:

The pre-production unit assembled and installed in a DEQ2496:

The same DEQ2496 running off of 13.5V DC:

The final production boards are silk-screened for ease of component placement. The current batch of boards is "rev A" which is the same layout as the pre-production boards, just with the addition of the silkscreened component legend. The next batch of boards will be "rev B" with slightly easier assembly but no functional difference.

Schematic, bill-of-materials, and assembly instructions

Who are you, and how do I contact you?

I'm Rob. I'm doing this as a hobby, and I figured this would be a fun and useful project. As these processors have a lot more features than anything available for car audio in a similar price range I think this fills a niche for more sophisticated mobile audiophiles on a budget.

You can contact me through my web feedback form or e-mail (preferred), as "Rob M" on the Car Sound & Performance forums (general non-PS specific questions only, please) or IM me as "ArcWielder" (for quick questions).

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