12V DSP Power Supply Order Form


Order Form

Qty.DescriptionUnit Price
PCB Artwork (Gerber/NC Drill and GIF) US $10.00
Finished PCB (Artwork provided free) (Out of stock)
Power Supply Kit (Out of stock)
Assembled power supply w/warranty US $85.00 + S&H
Full 12V conversion (you supply processor) US $100.00 + return S&H
Behringer DEQ2496 with 12V conversion US $450.00 + S&H
Behringer DCX2496 with 12V conversion US $500.00 + S&H
Maxim MAX743 IC (Out of stock)

Payment Method:

I will contact you on receipt of your order to confirm, and payment will be arranged when your order is ready. Please do not send payment before I reply to your order. Thank you.

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